People Plus Purpose Brings the Science of Human Understanding to Help You Solve Your Leadership and Team Challenges and Fulfill Your Purpose-Driven Mission.

If the people aspect of your business is already going well, then let’s make it EXTRAORDINARY.

Matthew Norton

Personalized Strengths-Based Coaching and Training Tools to Help
Your People Thrive…Brought to Life by Assessment
Developer Matthew Norton.

If you’re an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, or Leader in a Large Company Experience Us for Free…

Before People Plus Purpose


Leadership isn’t optimal and you struggle with employees that aren’t sufficiently engaged, productive, or well-suited for their role or team. You tolerate subpar performance or have high turnover or both. Stress is frequently high, communication is lacking, and conflict is too common. These issues are likely costing you money, stealing joy and peace, sabotaging business growth, and even obscuring the deeper reasons you chose this work in the first place.

After People Plus Purpose


Soon you discover that your hiring challenges are over…permanently. The ideal candidates join a purpose-driven, strengths-based workplace where everyone is enthusiastic to contribute and grow. Each person is now skilled to understand, communicate, and collaborate with the team and the people they serve at a high level without drama. Your leaders and team members are participating in powerful ongoing development training. Everyone is inspired, fulfilled, and never wants to leave. Productivity and profitability now soar as you increase sales and improve service.

Greetings to my fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, and key leaders! My name is Matthew Norton and I made a commitment over 30 years ago, as part of healing through the hardship of my own personal loss, to help as many people as possible break through to find the freedom, fulfillment, and favorable outcomes they seek. I bring decades of business ownership and assessment-guided coaching experience and I would love to explore how I might be of help to you.

I have a passionate drive to develop leaders and teams through discovering and developing their key strengths.

I have worked with assessments for 25 years and I have co-created 9 assessments of my own measuring various unique human dimensions including Emotional Agility, Cognitive Styles, and Action Approaches. You can take my Emotional Agility QuickScore Assessment for free by clicking here. I use the assessment insights to guide personalized strategic action. I love to help people discover and deliver their most meaningful business contribution and in the process move from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

1 Clarify Your Purpose-Driven Mission…

2 Hire and Develop Amazing People Who Align With That Mission…and

3 Solve the Stresses and Issues Blocking the Fulfillment of That Mission

“If you’re an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, or Leader in a Large Company Experience Us for Free. You can schedule a free 20-minute Zoom call to address a specific challenge, begin to gain clarity on your purpose, or discuss your team. You can also experience the value of Emotional Agility by taking the EA QuickScore assessment.”

People Plus Purpose is the All-In-One Leader and Team Solution for Your Business Based Upon Applying the Sciences of Human Understanding and Performance

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